Thank you so much for unifying with us for a great and worthy cause.
With your help we raised just over 28k, which we've rounded up to 30k.
The total has now been sent to Armenia Fund, a humanitarian organization providing on the ground aid for the Republic of Artsakh.

“Once we stand shoulder to shoulder, we can move mountains”

Armenian proverb


Does the eternity hoodie go towards funds for artsakh?

Suzanne on Dec 06, 2020

Please re-stock so I can buy everything for my 1 year old niece! Everything is so beautiful and creative – love love love it!

Mariam jan on Nov 26, 2020

Barev Axper jan,

Will you be restocking any of your Artsakh T-shirts? I like the Artsakh Power and We Are Our Mountains.

Haxtelu enq

Alan Dilanjian on Nov 04, 2020

Whoever you are (owner, creator, marketing team) behind Ara the Rat, your Armenian-American “cousins” are proud of you!

JANIE KASARJIAN on Nov 03, 2020

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