Papier d'Armenie Incense Paper Set

$ 24.00


Created in France in 1885, Papier d'Arménie was inspired by an old Armenian tradition of using Benzoin (a tree resin) to deodorize and disinfect the home. 

Set includes:

Limited Edition box, a reissue of the very first Papier d'Armenie box produced in 1900

2 x Booklets. Each booklet includes 36 strips

Papier d'Armenie matchbox

Imported from France


The "Arménie" booklet. Woody, spicy and vanilla notes, developed by Francis Kurkdjian, the French-Armenian perfumer.

The "Rose" booklet, also created by Francis Kurkdjian by infusing the sweet aroma of roses with the traditional oriental fragrance of the Benzoin resin


INSTRUCTIONS: Tear off a strip, fold it like an accordion, light it and blow out the flame so that it burns slowly. Leave it on a heat proof dish.

Can also be used without burning, to perfume cupboards and drawers.