Armenian Power! T-Shirt Bootleg Bart, Throwback Edition

$ 26.00

Armenian Power / Ara the Rat Throwback Edition.

Introducing a modern remake of an Armenian classic. The holy grail of all vintage Armenian tees, this Bootleg Bart design was first conceived in 1990 in Detroit at the height of Bartmania by Harry Berberian, a stand up comic and producer who has worked with the likes of Howard Stern and appeared on MTV and the Jerry Springer show. The global phenomenon of Bartmania saw the star of The Simpsons featured on clothing and products in every market across the world, solidifying the animated sitcom into a cultural institution. This tongue-in-cheek t-shirt was part of that worldwide craze.

The design has been replicated identically from the original and screen printed by hand using special, water-based inks for an extra vintage feel that becomes even softer after its first wash.

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