At Ara the Rat we take complaints very seriously. As soon as a complaint is received it is logged and transferred to The Ara the Rat Complaint Handling Team where it will be thoroughly investigated. The Ara the Rat Complaint Handling Team are on call 24-7 and are dedicated to resolving all issues however big or small. The complaint handling procedure is designed to ensure that complaints are properly investigated and are given careful and fair consideration come rain or come shine. 



“We value complaints as well as compliments and use them to fight for the Armenian Cause, whatever that may be.” - Berj, Ara the Rat Complaint Handling Team Captain 




Complaints Procedure


Please email within 3 business days of your initial grievance. All complaints must be in writing. Be sure to include your full name, address, date of birth and qualifications along with a 500 word detailed description of what your complaint is regarding. 

Please also choose one of the Ara the Rat complaint category codes listed below and include it in the subject line of your email to ensure that your complaint is handled by the correct department and processed as quickly as possible. 



AM0T-1: Armenian Genocide recognition trivialization 

AM0T-2: Self-deprecation incomprehensibility issues

AM0T-3: Armenian Public Image

AM0T-4: Nagorno-Karabakh omitted maps of Armenia

AM0T-5:  Perceived spelling errors caused by Eastern and Western Armenian transliterations

AM0T-6Miscellaneous complaints about gender, sexuality, the Armenian alphabet, comical depictions of physical characteristics etc. 


Please also categorize your complaint by colour based on its urgency:







An Ara the Rat Complaint Team representative will begin working on your case immediately and respond to your complaint in writing within 28 business days. We work around the clock so you don't have to. If we can’t reply to you within this time we will let you know and tell you when you can expect a reply.



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