Araks Football Club

$ 26.00

Brought to the Ottoman Empire by British sailors in the late 1800s, football was quickly adopted by the Greek, French and Armenian communities of Constantinople (now Istanbul), while the sport was outlawed for Turkish players, who were subject to punishment and arrest under the rule of Sultan Abdul Hamid. The immense popularity of the sport eventually gave rise to the legendary Araks Football Club, one of the premier Armenian football clubs in the multi-cultural city. Founded in 1908, Araks FC saw some of the best players join its ranks and often participated in international tournaments as well as the Armenian Olympics held in Constantinople. Our tee features an original letterpress Armenian “A” screen printed in metallic gold ink and is a tribute to the hidden legacy and role Araks FC and other pioneering teams played in contributing to the rich cultural fabric of the Ottoman Empire.

• Heather Brown
• Poly-Cotton blend
• Fashion fit tee
• Fits true to size
• Screen printed by hand

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