Ara the Rat turns 10 🎈



Ara the Rat began 10 years ago with a mission to explore culture and identity in new, creative ways, and design paths of who we are beyond the status quo and limitations of outdated blueprints. 

The philosophy has always been about connecting to and maintaining - but also working towards moving our small, fragmented, but beautiful culture forward (and have some fun doing it in the process)

Along the way, we’ve been lucky enough to connect with Armenians all over the world in enriching ways, from the diaspora to the Republic of Armenia, while also forging strong ties with many other cultural communities.

Thank you all for being there with us on this adventure, and for helping to keep the lights on.

Looking forward

(to bringing you more)

Ara the Rat 


“I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.” - William Blake, Artist, 1807



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