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How an Armenian Athlete Stole the First Olympic Flag, Returned It 80 Years Later & Got a Medal

It was symbol of peace, a token of renewed hope after World War I, and when the Olympic flag with the five rings representing five parts of the world - Africa, Asia, Australia, the Americas and Europe - was raised for the first time at the opening ceremonies of the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp Belgium, it was a cause for immense celebration. A new chapter in sportsmanship and humanity had begun.

The Eye of the Needle - The Microminiatures of Hagop Sandaldjian

Born of obsessive devotion, an individual figure could take as many as fourteen months to finish. Each sculpted micron represented not only endless hours of toil, but exacting travail fraught with peril, as his work could so easily be destroyed or lost.

Komitas, The Future Thinker: The Unknown Story of an Armenian Icon

We know about his immense contributions to Armenian music and the rich legacy he left behind, as well as his tragic end. But we rarely talk about Komitas: The Man.  Who was he?

Charles Garry: Armenian Streetfighter in the Courtroom

Charles R. Garry, born Garabed Garabedian, was a civil rights lawyer best known for representing the Black Panther Party.