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Ara the Rat turns 10 🎈

Ara the Rat began 10 years ago with a mission to explore culture and identity in new, creative ways, and design paths of who we are beyond the status quo and limitations of outdated blueprints. 

Komitas, The Future Thinker: The Unknown Story of an Armenian Icon

We know about his immense contributions to Armenian music and the rich legacy he left behind, as well as his tragic end. But we rarely talk about Komitas: The Man.  Who was he?

Charles Garry: Armenian Streetfighter in the Courtroom

Charles R. Garry, born Garabed Garabedian, was a civil rights lawyer best known for representing the Black Panther Party. 

The Legend of Ali Baba

The Incredible Story of Armenian Genocide Survivor & World Wrestling Champ, Harry Ekizian