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Transnational Solidarities: Angela Davis, Hrant Dink and the Armenian Genocide

“Hrant Dink remains a potent symbol of the struggle against colonialism, genocide, and racism.” Those are the words of Angela Davis, renowned scholar, activist and Black civil rights icon. Now a professor emerita at the University of California Santa Cruz, Davis has re-emerged as a leading voice in the era of a burgeoning civil rights movement spurred on by the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, calling the now global moment “extraordinary” and different to anything she’s experienced in the past.

Komitas, The Future Thinker: The Unknown Story of an Armenian Icon

Many people picture Komitas as a serious intellectual who was only interested  in music. The musicologist, composer and singer who was also a priest, is considered the founder of the Armenian national school of music, though his efforts and accomplishments are widely unknown throughout the world.

Charles Garry: Armenian Streetfighter in the Courtroom

Charles R. Garry, born Garabed Garabedian, was a civil rights lawyer best known for representing the Black Panther Party. 

The Legend of Ali Baba

The Incredible Story of Armenian Genocide Survivor & World Wrestling Champ, Harry Ekizian