How to Have a Very Kebabylonian Christmas

Looking for gifts for your Middle Eastern friends? Kebabylon is here for all gift giving needs. Kebabylon is a digital kingdom by Ara the Rat for all kebab-eating nations in the Middle East and beyond, and their people (Kebabylonians).

Diverse and far-reaching, the Kebabylonian people are united mostly through food, evil eye charms, prominent eyebrows, Ferrero Rocher, overprotective parents and rugs.

Here's a gift guide for all your evil eye-loving, falafel-eating friends and family out there.

Evil Eye Coffee Cup Set

evil eye coffee cup set
Invite a friend over and wait for fortunes to brew with this evil eye coffee cup set.

Falafel Beanie

falafel fila beanie
Don't you ever just Fila like a falafel?

Kebabylon Christmas Card Set

Whether you're celebrating your love of spices, trying to spread good vibes or thinking about falafel (again), these Kebabylon Christmas cards are sure to please those who receive them.

Hayvan Socks

For all the wild ones out there.

Shisha Necklace

Stand out in all that smoke with this shisha/hookah gold necklace.

What's All the Fassoulia About T-Shirt

Does anybody know?

Yalla Bye Socks

Let your socks do the talking when it saying bye.

Kefir: Cultured Milk T-Shirt

The most effervescent t-shirt you could own.

Evil Eye Socks

Protect your feet with these evil eye socks.

Habibi Enamel Pin

Nobody puts Habibi in a corner.

Baklava Socks

Make your feet very sweet with these baklava socks.

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