Ara the Rat donates a percentage of profits to help our animal friends in Armenia. At various points in the year, like during the month of April to commemorate and remember the Armenian Genocide or the Christmas season, a percentage of profits made on all products are donated. Profits made on special products, like our limited edition canvas bags or socks, are donated year round. Here’s a rundown of the volunteer organizations we support: 


Pawsitive Rescue Armenia 

Armenia’s large population of homeless animals, either born or thrown out onto the streets, constantly run the risk of being shot and killed. As the country has no state-funded dog or cat shelters, many of these animals are given a second chance at life thanks to dedicated and passionate volunteers like Pawsitive Rescue Armenia, an animal rescue group that works only through donations and provides medical assistance and the rehoming of homeless, unwanted or owner-surrender animals.  Pawsitive has a no-kill policy and also spays and vaccinates every single animal in its care.





Mental health services in Armenia are dire, especially for children, as facilities for their care and recovery are virtually non-existent. While the issue of treating mental health often remains taboo, Centaur is the country’s first and only hippoptherapy center, providing rehabilitation for physically and mentally affected children through horseback riding. Located in the ancient village of Ushi in Aragatotsn Marz, Centaur has specially trained horses (some saved from slaughter) which are used for therapy for children suffering from conditions like autism and down’s syndrome, encouraging their integration back into society and promoting communication skills.

Centaur Facebook group