1. start at Mount Ararat painting




2. FORWARD and zoom into Noah’s Arkade.




3. Keep zooming all the way to the blue eye.



4. zoom all the way to the eye and through the black part.


Go through the eye, and come to the back of Noah’s Arkade. It can look maybe like this :)  With wooden basketball hoop behind it.

The basketballl wooden backboard can look old, made of the same wood as the building.  Like this style:



6. The scene changes to Mount Ararat top. (Same as part 2)

7. Camera moves up, like last time and shows Ara’s feet and legs.

Like last time, but without skateboard.


8. The camera keeps moving up until we see Ara the Rat holding a basketball in his hands.


But the basketball will not be that orange one, it will be this watermelon one :)


9. Then we see Ara the Rat shooting the ball from the mountain top like this


10. and then we see the ball lands in the hoop