Anatolia College T-Shirt

$ 26.00

Founded in 1886, Anatolia College was an American co-ed institution located in the town of Marsovan in the Ottoman Empire primarily for Armenian and Greek students. It played an important role in educating students in Greek and Armenian language, who had abandoned their native tongues due to centuries of Ottoman rule. 
As the colleges reputation grew, students came from as far away as Athens, Persia and Egypt to study there. But by 1915, Turkish authorities demanded deportation of all Armenian students and teachers. In a New York Times article written in 1917 George E. White, the then college president recalled how over 1200 college members were slain. 
The college relocated to Greece after authorities closed it, where it is still open today and has strong ties to both Armenian and Greek communities. Its existence is a testament to the legacy of often forgotten minority populations in the OttomanEmpire.

• Navy
• 100% Cotton
• Fashion fit tee
• Fits true to size
• Screen printed by hand


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